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Hippo Video SDK FAQs

Account Creation

  • Do we have a single account for all users or individual accounts for each?


    We can support both models.

    • Each organization has its own account with its own user.
    • Separate accounts for each organization can be created, and each account can be tagged with the company name for easier administration.

Video Recording API

  • Are recording and playback compatible with all browsers?


    We can support both models.

    • Video Recording - Supported by Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge.
    • Video Playback - Supported by all browsers and devices.
  • How to change the aspect ratio?


    The user can change the aspect ratio below the Advanced Settings.

  • Can we have the recorder embedded in the page rather than as an overlay?


    Yes, you can.

  • Is there a video size restriction for uploads?


    Hippo Video has no size restrictions by default. The video timer may be adjusted to 3 hours by default. We also do not permit the upload of videos that are less than one second long.

  • Is it possible to embed the Hippo recorder within our form and let users record a video via their webcam (video & audio)?


    Yes, you can.

  • Could we time limit the recording to 20 seconds?


    Yes, you can limit the duration of the recording.

  • Can we have default settings (webcam & audio) rather than letting the user select?


    Yes, you can set up default settings.

  • How to control recording length?


    You can mention the duration in the recording configuration while initiating the recorder to limit the video duration.

  • Do we need to set the recording resolution?


    No. Hippo Video supports high resolution while recording.

    Note: Both your connection and camera limit this.

Video Editing API

  • Can I slice the video?


    Yes, you can. We have a Pro-Edit option, with which the user can perform slice-and-dice videos and various other advanced editing operations. If you intend to cut videos into several pieces, the Quick Edit feature on our roadmap is the ideal option.

  • Whenever a video is edited, is it considered a new release or part of our roadmap at that time?


    We’ll create a new version for every edit.

Video Player API & Reporting API

  • Can all the player events be passed?


    Yes. Clients can subscribe to player events like Play, Pause, and so on. They can even get notifications for the events.

  • Is it possible to disable the data that is stored on the servers?


    Yes. Hippo Video has options to disable pushing data to the servers for storage.

  • How are several videos distinguished when they are on the same page, and the events are fired?


    Each video will have a unique VIDEO ID. If you perform an action on the Hippo Video Player, the VIDEO ID will be sent.

  • What happens if the same video gets embedded multiple times and events get fired?


    We won't be able to tell the difference if numerous instances of the same video are embedded on a page. If necessary, we should be able to manage instances of the same video with multiple parent element ids.

  • Is the player fully responsive?


    Yes, the player is fully responsive.

  • Is the player WCAG 2.0 (508) compliant? Is Web accessibility through WCAG 2.0 (508)?


    We understand 508 Compliance is shorthand for a law that requires federal government websites to be safe and accessible for people with disabilities. This law covers a range of issues related to assisting people with different kinds of disabilities. We are in compliance with this, and our player is based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which is more accessible to all audiences

  • What are the minimum inputs captured during playback?


    Video ID, ACTION, View stat like percentage watched, and Bandwidth used (size of data consumed). The relevant information must be passed if password protection/email/count restriction is to be enabled for a video.

  • Do we have any documentation on how Webhook works and authentication methods used by Webhooks?


    The details of our webhooks and authentication mechanisms is explained in the help article. Please check out this link.

Video Player Branding

  • Are the player components customizable?


    Yes, the player component is completely customizable, with options to change the theme and logo.

  • Do we have options to add different logos and colors?


    Yes, we have options to choose colors and set primary colors. The logo can be changed.

  • Is it a simple HTML5 player or a streaming player?


    No libraries are required. It is simply a modified version of the HTML 5 player. For video streaming, we use HLS protocol.

User Control Settings

  • Who can access the video?


    With our RBAC feature, we can provide controlled access to the users. Admin can create relevant profiles with access to required. This can also be a part of account creation. We provide an administrative console to configure these.

  • Is the video accessible to anyone?


    No. Using our RBAC functionality, we can grant regulated access to users. The administrator can create user profiles with the necessary access rights. Also, this can be done during account creation. To configure these, we offer an administrator console.

  • Do we have the option to turn off IP addresses in reports?


    Yes, of course.

  • What kind of branding/theming may be used on video players, and how?


    The options that can be customized in the player are;

    • Player color
    • Color of the text
    • Font settings
    • Company Logo
    • Player watermark
    • Fav icon

    Because each customer will be a different account inside Hippo Video, you may use the account's authentication token to visit the Player Configuration API and specify the above for each account. Furthermore, we might develop a customised Admin Dashboard for your firm where the configuration can be applied to client accounts by choosing them in the interface.

Video Transcription

  • Do we have the option to generate transcripts for the videos?


    Yes, we support video transcription for 60 languages and translations in 5 languages.

  • Can I download the transcript?


    Yes, the transcript can be downloaded in ‘SRT’ or ‘VTT’ formats.

  • Is the transcript automatically enabled for all videos?


    It is turned off by default, but it is possible to toggle transcription on and off.

  • How to include a video transcript?


    You can add the script using API or log in via the Hippo Video portal.

Video Processing

  • How long does it take to convert and create a readable file?


    Hippo Video can process even an hour-long video within 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the video source, resolution, and other factors.

  • Is there a way to get notified once the video processing is complete?


    Yes, we’ve got a webhook that helps us to report the successful completion of video encoding or, if required, the appropriate error status.

  • What would be the format of the recorded media file?


    The format of the recorded media file will be MP4

  • Can we use an API to get information about the submitted video?


    We have APIs to push the recorded video into your system

Video URL

  • Where can we get the embed code inside Hippo Video?


    Please follow the below steps to get the embed code,

    a. Login to Hippo VIdeo using existing credentials.

    b. Click on the Settings icon from the left navbar > Integrations card > Team Communications tab.

    c. Search for the Generic Embed Widget card where you can get the Embed code.

    Note: We will also provide you with the necessary information to integrate this into your company.

  • How is the secure link created? Is it a one-time link, or can it be generated via an API?


    Hippo Video creates a secure URL for the video that expires in 2 hours; Yes, a one-time URL may be produced using the API.


  • Is all of the playback handled by CDN? What CDN is currently supported? Can I add my CDN?


    The CDN handles all of the playbacks. Hippo Video now supports AWS CloudFront. The support for custom CDN is part of our product roadmap.

Timeline Comments

  • Where will the timeline comments get stored? Is it a component of HV iFrame?


    The timeline comments are stored on Hippo Video servers, and there is an option to transmit comments to a specified organization. The comments are built in Javascript and may be seen in an IFrame.

Transcoding and Streaming

  • In which resolutions are videos created?


    The videos are currently created in three different resolutions such as 1080p, 720p, and 480p, and 2-bit rates in each of the above resolutions. You can configure this accordingly.

  • Is it possible to configure the resolution for the recording?


    The user can configure the list of resolutions in which the video will be transcoded for playback.

Security and Compliance

  • Will the data be shared with users in other regions?


    Data will not be shared with regions other than the region configured for that user.

  • When the video is downloaded in the browser, does it use TLS encryption, or is additional encryption used?


    TLS 1.2 is currently in use. We are continuously working to improve security and encryption technologies.

  • What information is stored during a data purge?


    Our servers will store personally identifiable information. The Customer has control over what data can be stored in our servers that are used for analytics. An account can be configured to purge data and videos when creating the account, and a deletion policy can also be configured when closing the account.


  • Is there a SLA in place at Hippo for fixing security critical bugs?


    We can define an SLA and capture more details within it.

  • Is there a way to download all videos for a customer/account?


    Yes, we already have that provision. Please reach out to support team.

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